All You Need To Know About Quartz Countertops And Slabs

by Natasha Kennedy
solid surface artificial quartz stone countertops

Quartz using dates as back as the early 1900s. At this time, the mineral was used in the manufacture of jewelry and ornaments. To date, practitioners in different industries continue to explore the use of this mineral, which has led to the discovery of other uses like the manufacture of watches. Today, quartz watches are the most common among the range of modern watches. Quartz watches feature the most common movements tiny crystals made of quartz embedded into the electronic components of the watch.

In addition to watches, quartz crystals are also commonly used in the manufacture of slabs and countertops. Next to granite, quartz is the most commonly used material in making kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Where is quartz acquired from?

Quartz is a natural crystal, which means that it is obtained from mother nature through the mining process. Additionally, quartz is available in different parts of the globe, especially withing igneous and sedimentary rocks. The mineral develops naturally in different environments with different temperatures around the world.

How are quartz countertops made?

In the manufacturing process of quartz countertops, the quartz crystal that is mined is crushed into dust or aggregate that is fused with different kinds of resin binders under specific conditions. These conditions include intense heat and pressure. The heat results in the formation of a solid slab. The slab is therefore used in the manufacture of countertops. No other ingredients are added to the slab apart from a pigment. The role of the pigment is to add color to the countertop.

A guide to choosing the best quartz countertop

Quartz countertops vary in color and pattern. Different companies also manufacture them, and this imparts the type and the quality of the countertop. When shopping for the best quartz countertop, consider the following factors; 

  • Color and pattern

The color of the countertop ins influenced by the pigment added on the slab. The type of quartz used in its manufacture also affects the color. The same can be said about the pattern of the countertop. When choosing the most suitable quartz countertop, look at different colors and patterns, and choose one that suits your taste. Also, consider the interior design and the color patterns in your house.

  • Brand

Different manufacturers make different products. Consider more than one brand. You can also compare the prices and the quality of products that each brand makes.

  • Prices

When shopping around, compare the prices of the products. Always choose a product that meets your budget. Consider the amount of space that will be covered by the countertop.


Installation of quartz countertops is a hectic process that requires a lot of work and expertise. Therefore, when looking for a company to buy from, consider whether or not the company offers installation services. Also, consider the cost of the installation process as well as the amount of time that it will take.

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