New Handmade Lagoon Tables Made From Resin And Cut Travertine Marble

Can’t wait to leave everything behind and go on your dream vacation? Before we offer you quick time travel tips let’s consider if maybe there is a way to bring that dream destination to your living room instead?

Since the last time we’ve talked with designer Alexandre Chapelin, he was busy with mastering his craft of making these exquisite nature-inspired tables and bringing you a tad closer to that dreamy Caribbean adventure.

Chapelin explains how it’s done: “The Lagoon model is a coffee table sculpted in a Travertine piece of marble. We sculpt a drop to show the slopes of the lagoon. We then add the resin step by step in order to recreate the volume of the ocean in the table.“

As the tables are hand-crafted, no two are the same: “I’ve always respected the difference between people, their personalities and characters and I believe this should reflect in the interior design of their own homes. Therefore, no two people own the same table of my creation,” says Alexandre.

Just don’t bother Alexandre with fancy names: “do never try to label our concept, the only labels I will ever be interested in are the great wines labels,” … Wise words.


City Council Refused This Man A Garage Permit, So He Found A Clever Solution

The rebel inside you is going to love this!

It all started when Belgian Eric Vekeman had decided to close his food shop and to build himself a garage instead. The problem was that the local council wouldn’t let him do it in order to protect the townscape. After he was denied a permit to build a garage, Eric took the matters into his own hands.

Without breaking any laws he has transformed his former food store into a garage, hiding in plain sight. Although it might look difficult to operate, it actually takes the rebel only 2 minutes to open and close with future plans to make it automatic.