What colour to paint a small bathroom to make it look bigger?

by Natasha Kennedy

People are lucky who have a large, spacious bathroom. It’s a dream for many like you. Whether you live that dream or not, you can still make your small bathroom look bigger. Indeed. Only painting can make a small bathroom look larger.

We all know, decking a small bathroom is tricky. Choosing the right color palette for a small bathroom to make it look bigger is tougher. From powder to the master bathroom, you can work on literally everywhere.

If you’re looking for some painting ideas, let us guide you with some space-saving painting tips. Top designers highly recommend these colors. So, it’s time to go out of your comfort zone and check the following color palettes.

Color Ideas for Small Bathroom

Go Ethereal with White

The best way for a small bathroom to make it look bigger is to paint all white. Use a lot of white everywhere, including tile, wall, bathroom vanity Bunnings, etc. The light reflects all over the bathroom and makes space look bigger.

Vivacious Teal

A small bathroom looks elegant and spacious, with vivacious teal color. Paint the wall and ceiling with a bright shade of teal. It complements the artwork, fixtures, and even subway tiles. Keep a combination of white and dark color with teal.


Vintage style bathroom trends are back with a bang on. Copper is the heart of these types of bathrooms. It gives the bathroom a metallic look. When this incorporates a small bathroom, it gets an instantly elegant look.

Also, your small bathroom looks bigger. Try a shade of brown and copper in the walls, ceiling, and backsplash. You can use mosaic tiles and marble countertop to compliment the copper look.

Intense Black

A combination of black with silver or white is always appealing to the any-sized bathroom. It also gives a sophisticated look to the small bathroom. Paint the wall and ceiling all black. Use a large artwork with a combination of silver and black. A shimmery silver mosaic tile will work great for backsplash.

Lively Magenta 

Magenta gives life to any bathroom. Though the color is a bit girly, it still makes a small bathroom look more eye-catching. You can also add a graphic accent on the wall to give it a fun pattern.

Neon Yellow

A blend of neon yellow with white brings a youthful vibe in a small bathroom. You can try the stripe pattern or all yellow on the wall. Use minimum fixtures or decoration to overwhelm the small space.

Powder Blue

If you don’t like more bold or vibrant colors, try more subdued type like powder blue. Paint the wall and ceiling with powder blue. Keep a touch of yellow, dark blue, and white to complement color.


Apart from the color mentioned above, you can also try plum, cherry red, rust orange, and serene green. All these work great on a small bathroom to make it look bigger. So, it’s time to give your small bathroom a real master feel.

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