Top Features of Solar Street Lights

Streets are available in every neighborhood for pedestrians and vehicles. They are designed to make passage orderly and easier for everyone. The fact that they are installed outdoors, they need to have features that can withstand harsh weather elements. Ensuring that they are well-lit when required is quite important. Installing solar street lights makes the situation outside less dangerous.

You should note that solar lights are mounted on poles to provide outdoor lighting. According to top led street light manufacturers, they are meant to provide adequate lighting for a given street to ensure road users use the road comfortably. Although they are available in various types, the idea behind them is the same.

Solar Street Lights Features


You will find it easy to mount and fix these light fixtures. In most cases, you do not require the help of electricians. In fact, installing the lamp needs a minimal amount of work as it does not need any wiring or trenches. What you should do is anchor them securely, and you can start using them.

Easy to Maintain

After installing the light, much of the work is already done. You should note that light fixtures can last long, and it will take some years before replacing them. Where dirt and dust are concerns, you will need to clean them more frequently. If your area receives a lot of rainfall, it will do the cleaning for you. However, if this is not an option, you should consider hiring professional cleaning services.

Since they have few movable parts, there is minimal possibility of damage and hence need for repairs. This helps reduce maintenance costs, unlike other street light types.


There are many reasons solar street lights have LED light fixtures. You should note that LED bulbs draw less power from the source and still provide a lot of light. Therefore, the battery can stay for longer, and hence lights can be on for an extended period. The good thing about this feature is that it helps improve the efficiency of the battery.

Also, LED lights are great options for solar lighting because of their durability. In fact, LED bulbs like solar units are designed to have a lifespan of more than 10 years. Therefore, the solar unit will continue operating smoothly for a long without replacement.

The bright white light that is provided by LED lights helps reduce occurrences of road accidents.


The controller plays an important role in solar lighting. That is because it allows you to switch on/off lighting and charging. The modern controllers are easier to use, and they provide a chance of dimming, lighting, and charging. Also, they have rechargeable batteries.


Solar street lights are made from long-lasting materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions. In fact, some can offer lighting for up to 20 years with minimal maintenance. Although they are expensive to purchase, their durability and low maintenance pay for the cost in the long-term.

The truth is that solar street light fixtures provide excellent lighting from renewable energy. Moreover, they are easy to maintain.

How to get a semi frameless shower screen in Australia

You are interested in the semi-frameless shower screen, aren`t you? That is epic. I mean who could blame you? Who would not be interested in something and simple and elegant looking as the semi-frameless shower screen? If you stay in Australia and you want to get the semi-frameless shower screen it could be as simple as getting it anywhere else. The same applies if you stay elsewhere and want to find the semi-frameless shower screen for sale in Australia.

Well, you might wonder just how cost-effective purchasing the semi-frameless shower screen would be. Or maybe you are worried about finding the right semi-frameless shower screen for your bathroom. During this article, you will find that you have virtually limitless options concerning available styles.

The Semi Frameless Shower Screen

A semi-frameless shower screen is a form of shower screens that is making massives waves in today` bathroom design industry. The semi-frameless shower screen is just right for just about everybody. When we say just right, we mean just right. You might wonder why the use of this expression?

The use of the expression “just right” has a lot to do with the inherent advantage the semi-frameless shower screen holds over the other shower screens available. What do I mean? You might have heard of the framed shower screens.

A lot of people who avoid the framed shower screens do so because they feel that it is a bit “old fashioned”. But if you turn your attention to the frameless shower screens, it is a different story. You find that people avoid them because they are quite pricey. They are actually recognised as a classy and fashionable design (all glass little to no metal).

But the semi-frameless shower screens lie right in the middle. The semi-frameless shower screen for sale is considerably cheaper than their frameless counterparts. However, they are equally more recent and fashionable than their framed counterparts.

Available Types of semi-frameless shower screen

There are various types and styles which are all unique in their way. But the major types of semi-frameless shower screen for sale in Australia are:

1. The sliding doors

2. The pivot doors

3. The wall to wall pattern

4. The curved pattern

5. The rounded pattern

6. The L-shaped pattern and other custom patterns.

The Semi Frameless Shower Screen for Sale in Australia

Any of the styles mentioned above can be found online. With a trustworthy and reputable supplier, just about any of the semi-frameless shower screen for sale in Australia can be gotten. So do not let anything limit your imagination. If you are having a hard time deciding, you could ask your suppliers. Some have experienced design and styling staff on their payroll who would gladly assist you.

Tips to know before deciding on stainless steel sinks

Whether you decide to use it in your kitchen or your bathroom, the stainless steel sinks always have its unique look and feel.

In several homes, it is one of the most used types of sinks and it is always built to last. The good features of the stainless steel sink are that it doesn’t get rust quickly.

When going out to buy a new stainless steel sink, there are several things you need to take note of, most of them are the price, the manufacturers and styles of sink you prefer.

There are a lot of pros and cons of owning a stainless steel sink. We will discuss all of them in the coming articles.


1. It is durable.

The durability of this sink is second to none. It is one of the durable sinks in the entire lineup of sinks and they always come in very handy.

One reason why they are loved by many is that they do not crack or peel as some other sinks do, and most importantly, they are less prone to corrosion.

One thing you need to avoid while using this is caloric acid and several other solvents. This is because, in the long run, it leaves the sink prone to rust.

Another good thing about this sink is that it always comes in thick, and its thickness plays a good role in avoiding scratches.

2. It is less expensive.

When compared to the likes of porcelain, granite, marble, etc. the use of stainless steel sinks come at a reasonably low price.

Because it’s durability, it doesn’t cost you a lot when it comes to maintenance and needing replacement after something. By getting the stainless steel, you are surely getting what you paid for.

3. It comes in a lot of options.

Are you looking for a sink that gives you the best options to choose from and suit your taste? Then getting this stainless sink will be the right option for you.

The amazing thing about this is that manufacturers do not create these sinks for one design, rather they are made in several designs so that buyers will have a wider choice range. This is best because you will always be unique when choosing your sink.


1. It often tends to be noisy.

A lot of people do not know or pay attention to this, but it exists. The stainless steel sink when compared to others is quickly difficult to handle noise.

That’s why we put is poured into the sink or something solid enters into the sink, you will always feel uncomfortable by the kind of noise you will hear.

However, in recent times, some manufacturers have begun to add special sound-reduction coatings on the surface of the newer sinks.


Getting the best stainless steel sinks will be the best option for you. So get yours as soon as you can.

Amazing Public Sculptures from Around the World

The Most Engaging Public Sculptures

Art always aims to engage you – whether by its beauty or by stirring up emotions and thoughts in you. Public sculptures work the same way. They are not just public installations to place some aesthetic appeal in a place for tourists but also to provoke some thoughts and emotions. (Check some amazing sculptures on

Here is a list of the most engaging custom sculpture that has won the hearts and interests of people from all over the world:

The Shoes on the Danube Bank

This public sculpture is created by Gyula Pauser and Can Togay in 2005 and is located in Budapest, Hungary. The sculpture comprises of numerous shoes that were spread out on the east bank of the Danube River. The work aimed to commemorate an event during the Holocaust. During this event, hundreds of Hungarians were told to leave their shoes on the bank before they got shot.


This is a monumental sculpture created by Marco Cianfanelli and is located in Howick, South Africa. This public structure was developed as a memorial to the 50th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s arrest. The sculpture is comprised of 50 steel columns that form the likeness of Nelson Mandela at a certain angle.


This is a sculpture created by Zenos Frudaskis in 2001 and is located in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. It is a 20-ft-long bronze sculpture that shows man’s struggle to break free.

Cloud Gate

This public sculpture is created by Sir Anish Kappoor unveiled in 2004 and is located in the heart of Chicago, Millennium Park. The 110-ton elliptical sculpture is inspired by liquid mercury. The huge structure reflects the famous skyline of Chicago and also the visitors that walk under the arch. This sculpture is also known as “the Bean” because of its shape.

The Black Ghost

This is a public sculpture created by Sergejus Plotnikovas and Svajunas Jurkus in 2010 and can be found in Klaipėda, Lithuania. The work of art is a creepy hooded ghost that is hauling itself from the water onto the docks, holding a lantern. The sculpture is said to honor a local legend. In this legend, a nightguard doing his rounds in the harbor encounters a hooded figure that appeared in the water’s edge out of nowhere. The figure warned the guard that the city’s food supplies will not be enough. During those days, people were inclined to believe in spirits. The guard reported the incident to his superiors and the city did increase their supplies. This helped the city survive a couple years of shortage and hunger that followed.

Les Voyageurs

This public sculpture is created by Bruno Catalano and can be found in Marseilles, France. The work of art features a man and a woman who are clearly travelers as they both have baggage with them. What makes this sculpture stand out is that the pair of travelers have missing pieces. This shows a message that a part of ourselves is left behind every time we travel or that some people travel to feel complete. It is a relevant work of art that a lot of traveling milennials can relate to.


This is a public sculpture created by Jerzy Kalina located in Wrocław, Poland. The work of art can be found on both sides of Swidnicka Street. It consists of 14 people sinking on the ground, 7 people on each street. The sculpture is considered to be a memorial to the citizens who were missing and killed during the 1980s when martial law was declared in Poland. Przejście means “Passage” in English. It is also known by the names of “Anonymous Pedestrians” and “Monument of the Anonymous Passersby”.

Is it Time to Upgrade the Stadium Lighting System?

Facility managers at sports clubs can face particular challenges. Maintaining several properties and operating on a minimum budget while having sufficient time to attend to every task are just a few.

Although LED sports lights cannot solve all issues, it will come a long way towards enhancing sports facilities and reducing energy consumption. Below are a few benefits of an LED sports lighting system coupled with the need to upgrade or maintain them.

  • Energy reduction

What is energy reduction? If you have 100 fixtures that run 100 days annually, the cost of electricity at a facility will be about 12kw/h. Therefore, savings for the lights should be approximately $5,400 annually. If the hours of electricity usage are higher, then the total amount of savings will increase. In case you want to get an ideal sense of the actual savings you have and the ROI, then you can refer to an ROI calculator.

  • Cutting down on the maintenance spend

Facility managers are often concerned about the maintenance cost of their metal halide coupled with the high-pressure sodium lighting. Lasting approximately 30,000 hours, and in multiple cases, lesser, and getting rid of the same maintenance burden are the primary reasons these people need to replace older field lights with the LED sports lights.  

But looking at the behavior of the metal halide, it is clear that it suffers intense lumen degradation. It is clearly uncommon for such metal to lose part of its initial lumen in the first 7,000 hours of the bulb’s half-life.  

While the lights may still be on, the lighting of the field can be dim. This should only be solved by replacement, making the maintenance cost of the sports lighting an expensive affair.

Typically, the fixtures are mounted as high as 100 feet. Bringing in the equipment is an expensive proposition.

  • Obtain quality lighting performance

With the LED sports lighting, it is pretty rare for the color rendering index to hit 70 and below. Compared to HPS, LED is way better performance-wise. This implies that the lighting with the higher CRI makes everything appear brighter.

At the same time, with the lighting, the players have an excellent experience since they can easily see the ball. The fans in the stands can also see the game clearly. Most colors appear as they need to. The source of the light does not discolor them.

As with every application in the lighting industry, LED sports lights have several uses. One of the most significant benefits of this lighting is how affordable it is. Its instant brightness is also another benefit.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

The industry of LED lighting is quickly evolving. LED sports lights come with several advantages. They include a reduction in the total energy consumed, reduced maintenance cost, in addition to better lighting performance. LED enhances the lighting quality of your sports field. Other than that, it creates a high standard in the gaming facility while cutting down the primary costs you spend to light the areas at the back end.

Are free-standing vanities better than wall hung vanities?

Bathrooms are usually tasteless without the placement of certain assets that give shape and style to the room. One of such asset is the vanity basin that serves a variety of purposes. These basins do not only help in the maintenance of optimal hygiene, but they also provide topnotch aesthetics.

Often, the choice of which vanity to get for your bathroom space could prove tedious to many people; such factors include the fact that the vanity has to match the bathroom decor and even fit with the available space, amongst many other factors. Also, deciding on whether the vanity should be standing or wall hung.

It clicks with all manners of design.

Standing bathroom vanities are quite classy and easily blend with most bathroom designs. The timeless of these standing vanities make it possible to combine them with virtually any background.

Standing vanities can easily be renovated.

It’s no gainsaying that your vanity might require some repairs at some point during its use. Standing vanities makes renovation works seamless and less stressful. The fact that these vanities are positioned on the floor gives you the chance to reach even the inner parts that might need repair work.

Plumbing work stays hidden.

No one likes the sight of laid pipes around the walls of their bathroom; it’s even worse when the wall has been broken severally while fixing the plumbing work. Standing bathroom vanity basins are made to keep these plumbing work away from public view. Plumbing pipes can easily get damaged when they are exposed, and this scenario is avoided with the use of standing bathroom vanities.

Optimal storage is guaranteed.

If you’re the type that keeps so many toiletries and other accessories in your vanity cabinet, this vanity type is ideal for you. The standing vanity cabinet can be equipped with as many drawers as possible; this means that you can store many of your items with ease as weight isn’t an issue.

The cleaning time is reduced.

Free-standing bathroom vanities reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your bathroom floor. You’d find this benefit useful when your bathroom is vast as the vanity takes up a chunk of floor space. What this means is that you wouldn’t have to clean the underneath of the vanity and the time meant for this can be channeled into other areas.

Versatility is assured.

You’d be intrigued to know that the free-standing vanity is as versatile as it gets. Apart from the fact that these vanity types come in all manners of shapes and sizes, they also serve a variety of uses. Some of the ways in which the free-standing vanity serves its users include;

  • Basin for washing and rinsing
  • Mirror stands for makeovers
  • Cabinets for storage of accessories and toiletries

Final thoughts.

Vanities remain one of the most essential items in the bathroom setting. However, these bathroom vanities vary in size, shape, and orientation. This article highlights the benefits that come with the installation of the free-standing type of vanity in your bathroom.

Five Kitchen Sink Accessories Every Home Owners Must Have

Like other things in the world, a kitchen sink is more useful and easier to use when they organize and has essential features. Organizing a kitchen sink is an important step, especially if you have a kitchen with a small space. Fortunately, there are a lot of accessories that homeowners can install to add more functionality to their kitchen sink with more space efficiency. Here are the best accessories to use to keep your stuff organized neatly. 

1. Soap dispenser

A soap dispenser is a no-brainer addition for any kitchen sink, especially if you’re sharing a kitchen with a lot of people. “Dirty soap” seems like a silly combination of words, but it happens, especially if you’re using bar soap. There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to get a soap dispenser installed. Whether it’s for convenience (knocking out the soap from the sink is annoying) or for the aesthetic effect, a liquid soap dispenser can answer to your dirty soap problems.

2. Over the counter food prep tools

Over-the-counter food preparation items are often overlooked until you find yourself needing one in a crucial cooking moment. Kitchen sink manufacturers like MENSARJOR offer their colanders, cutting boards, and drains to make things easier for the user. You can customize your kitchen sink with different food preparation items, depending on which activity is worth improving. For example, instead of a cutting board, you can store an easy access citrus squeezer or a baking rack instead. 

3. Rinsing tub

Washing dishes is sometimes a pain in the neck if you only have one big tub in your kitchen sink. What if you want to wash and rinse the utensils at the same time to save water and make things faster? A simple rinsing tub makes it possible. You can even use it for food preparation if you’re trying to wash tons of veggies all at once. Rinsing tubs with holes underneath are available for people who like painless draining after washing. 

4. Drying rack

If you want to avoid getting the drying towel and going to an extended work of drying your dishes, one item you must add in your sink is a drying rack. Over-the-sink dying racks are very popular because they utilize horizontal space in the room. You will want a sturdier and bigger drying rack if you have more kitchen items. Just make sure that you will install the racks high enough to avoid water splashes when using the faucet. 

5. Faucet extender/saddle sink caddy

Faucet extender is a great addition if you have kids at home. These are relatively cheap and easy to install. It is also intuitive to use for children. For people who are having a problem with their sponge placements, installing a saddle sink caddy is a must. A saddle sink caddy is installed in the faucet, making sponges easier to store without them getting dirty. 

All You Need To Know About Quartz Countertops And Slabs

Quartz using dates as back as the early 1900s. At this time, the mineral was used in the manufacture of jewelry and ornaments. To date, practitioners in different industries continue to explore the use of this mineral, which has led to the discovery of other uses like the manufacture of watches. Today, quartz watches are the most common among the range of modern watches. Quartz watches feature the most common movements tiny crystals made of quartz embedded into the electronic components of the watch.

In addition to watches, quartz crystals are also commonly used in the manufacture of slabs and countertops. Next to granite, quartz is the most commonly used material in making kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Where is quartz acquired from?

Quartz is a natural crystal, which means that it is obtained from mother nature through the mining process. Additionally, quartz is available in different parts of the globe, especially withing igneous and sedimentary rocks. The mineral develops naturally in different environments with different temperatures around the world.

How are quartz countertops made?

In the manufacturing process of quartz countertops, the quartz crystal that is mined is crushed into dust or aggregate that is fused with different kinds of resin binders under specific conditions. These conditions include intense heat and pressure. The heat results in the formation of a solid slab. The slab is therefore used in the manufacture of countertops. No other ingredients are added to the slab apart from a pigment. The role of the pigment is to add color to the countertop.

A guide to choosing the best quartz countertop

Quartz countertops vary in color and pattern. Different companies also manufacture them, and this imparts the type and the quality of the countertop. When shopping for the best quartz countertop, consider the following factors; 

  • Color and pattern

The color of the countertop ins influenced by the pigment added on the slab. The type of quartz used in its manufacture also affects the color. The same can be said about the pattern of the countertop. When choosing the most suitable quartz countertop, look at different colors and patterns, and choose one that suits your taste. Also, consider the interior design and the color patterns in your house.

  • Brand

Different manufacturers make different products. Consider more than one brand. You can also compare the prices and the quality of products that each brand makes.

  • Prices

When shopping around, compare the prices of the products. Always choose a product that meets your budget. Consider the amount of space that will be covered by the countertop.


Installation of quartz countertops is a hectic process that requires a lot of work and expertise. Therefore, when looking for a company to buy from, consider whether or not the company offers installation services. Also, consider the cost of the installation process as well as the amount of time that it will take.

What colour to paint a small bathroom to make it look bigger?

People are lucky who have a large, spacious bathroom. It’s a dream for many like you. Whether you live that dream or not, you can still make your small bathroom look bigger. Indeed. Only painting can make a small bathroom look larger.

We all know, decking a small bathroom is tricky. Choosing the right color palette for a small bathroom to make it look bigger is tougher. From powder to the master bathroom, you can work on literally everywhere.

If you’re looking for some painting ideas, let us guide you with some space-saving painting tips. Top designers highly recommend these colors. So, it’s time to go out of your comfort zone and check the following color palettes.

Color Ideas for Small Bathroom

Go Ethereal with White

The best way for a small bathroom to make it look bigger is to paint all white. Use a lot of white everywhere, including tile, wall, bathroom vanity Bunnings, etc. The light reflects all over the bathroom and makes space look bigger.

Vivacious Teal

A small bathroom looks elegant and spacious, with vivacious teal color. Paint the wall and ceiling with a bright shade of teal. It complements the artwork, fixtures, and even subway tiles. Keep a combination of white and dark color with teal.


Vintage style bathroom trends are back with a bang on. Copper is the heart of these types of bathrooms. It gives the bathroom a metallic look. When this incorporates a small bathroom, it gets an instantly elegant look.

Also, your small bathroom looks bigger. Try a shade of brown and copper in the walls, ceiling, and backsplash. You can use mosaic tiles and marble countertop to compliment the copper look.

Intense Black

A combination of black with silver or white is always appealing to the any-sized bathroom. It also gives a sophisticated look to the small bathroom. Paint the wall and ceiling all black. Use a large artwork with a combination of silver and black. A shimmery silver mosaic tile will work great for backsplash.

Lively Magenta 

Magenta gives life to any bathroom. Though the color is a bit girly, it still makes a small bathroom look more eye-catching. You can also add a graphic accent on the wall to give it a fun pattern.

Neon Yellow

A blend of neon yellow with white brings a youthful vibe in a small bathroom. You can try the stripe pattern or all yellow on the wall. Use minimum fixtures or decoration to overwhelm the small space.

Powder Blue

If you don’t like more bold or vibrant colors, try more subdued type like powder blue. Paint the wall and ceiling with powder blue. Keep a touch of yellow, dark blue, and white to complement color.


Apart from the color mentioned above, you can also try plum, cherry red, rust orange, and serene green. All these work great on a small bathroom to make it look bigger. So, it’s time to give your small bathroom a real master feel.

What Kind of Bathroom Vanity Should You Get?

It is important that you know your bathroom vanity. It is the most eye-catching part of your bathroom and you want to make sure that you impress any house guest who enters it. Whether it takes up a small or huge space in your bathroom, it definitely commands attention so you have to make sure that it makes a statement that determines the overall look and vibe of your bathroom.

But how do you know if you are choosing the right type of bathroom vanity? There is a wide array of choices available in the market and this can be overwhelming for first-timers who have not tried buying their own bathroom vanity unit before. So here, we try to summarize the types of bathroom vanities to help you determine what you need.

What is bathroom vanity?

But let’s start with the basics. For those who still do not know, a bathroom vanity unit generally is a combination of a cabinet and a sink in one. Its main purpose was to cover up the plumbing in the bathroom without taking much space because space is used for storage. Today, the cabinet-sink combo is the most common and simplest type of vanity. There are other combinations in the market these days, which you will find out below.

Bathroom Vanity

Types of bathroom vanities

There are three main styles of bathroom vanity units that you can find:

  • Cabinet vanities

Cabinet vanities are the traditional bathroom vanity that is mounted on the floor and positioned along the wall. In most cases, a mirror is installed on the wall above the sink.

  • Shelf vanities

This is the simplest type of bathroom vanity. It’s basically a shelf that mounts your sink and mirror. This is most commonly used for small bathrooms as it fits the space and makes your bathroom look bigger too.

  • Wall vanities

A wall vanity is obviously fixed on the wall, meaning it does not touch the floor. Because of this, they are also known as “hanging vanity”. If you choose this type of bathroom vanity, you should be aware that your wall might need some reinforcing to be able to handle it.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity sizes

A bathroom vanity unit comes in all sizes. Generally, the smallest ones are just wide enough to accommodate the sink while the biggest ones can take up your entire bathroom wall. As to what size you should choose, this will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity shapes

Most bathroom vanities come in rectangular shapes but you can still find quirky models that will definitely make your bathroom memorable. With the advancement of technology and production, you can find bathroom vanity units with curves, open shelving, and even have unique sinks. You can even have them custom made to accommodate your own artsy vision.

Remember, the bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom. It is just right that you take your time when you choose which one you get. Choose a bathroom vanity unit that is multifunctional and gives you enough storage space.