Are free-standing vanities better than wall hung vanities?

by Natasha Kennedy

Bathrooms are usually tasteless without the placement of certain assets that give shape and style to the room. One of such asset is the vanity basin that serves a variety of purposes. These basins do not only help in the maintenance of optimal hygiene, but they also provide topnotch aesthetics.

Often, the choice of which vanity to get for your bathroom space could prove tedious to many people; such factors include the fact that the vanity has to match the bathroom decor and even fit with the available space, amongst many other factors. Also, deciding on whether the vanity should be standing or wall hung.

It clicks with all manners of design.

Standing bathroom vanities are quite classy and easily blend with most bathroom designs. The timeless of these standing vanities make it possible to combine them with virtually any background.

Standing vanities can easily be renovated.

It’s no gainsaying that your vanity might require some repairs at some point during its use. Standing vanities makes renovation works seamless and less stressful. The fact that these vanities are positioned on the floor gives you the chance to reach even the inner parts that might need repair work.

Plumbing work stays hidden.

No one likes the sight of laid pipes around the walls of their bathroom; it’s even worse when the wall has been broken severally while fixing the plumbing work. Standing bathroom vanity basins are made to keep these plumbing work away from public view. Plumbing pipes can easily get damaged when they are exposed, and this scenario is avoided with the use of standing bathroom vanities.

Optimal storage is guaranteed.

If you’re the type that keeps so many toiletries and other accessories in your vanity cabinet, this vanity type is ideal for you. The standing vanity cabinet can be equipped with as many drawers as possible; this means that you can store many of your items with ease as weight isn’t an issue.

The cleaning time is reduced.

Free-standing bathroom vanities reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your bathroom floor. You’d find this benefit useful when your bathroom is vast as the vanity takes up a chunk of floor space. What this means is that you wouldn’t have to clean the underneath of the vanity and the time meant for this can be channeled into other areas.

Versatility is assured.

You’d be intrigued to know that the free-standing vanity is as versatile as it gets. Apart from the fact that these vanity types come in all manners of shapes and sizes, they also serve a variety of uses. Some of the ways in which the free-standing vanity serves its users include;

  • Basin for washing and rinsing
  • Mirror stands for makeovers
  • Cabinets for storage of accessories and toiletries

Final thoughts.

Vanities remain one of the most essential items in the bathroom setting. However, these bathroom vanities vary in size, shape, and orientation. This article highlights the benefits that come with the installation of the free-standing type of vanity in your bathroom.

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