What Kind of Bathroom Vanity Should You Get?

by Natasha Kennedy
Bathroom Vanity

It is important that you know your bathroom vanity. It is the most eye-catching part of your bathroom and you want to make sure that you impress any house guest who enters it. Whether it takes up a small or huge space in your bathroom, it definitely commands attention so you have to make sure that it makes a statement that determines the overall look and vibe of your bathroom.

But how do you know if you are choosing the right type of bathroom vanity? There is a wide array of choices available in the market and this can be overwhelming for first-timers who have not tried buying their own bathroom vanity unit before. So here, we try to summarize the types of bathroom vanities to help you determine what you need.

What is bathroom vanity?

But let’s start with the basics. For those who still do not know, a bathroom vanity unit generally is a combination of a cabinet and a sink in one. Its main purpose was to cover up the plumbing in the bathroom without taking much space because space is used for storage. Today, the cabinet-sink combo is the most common and simplest type of vanity. There are other combinations in the market these days, which you will find out below.

Bathroom Vanity

Types of bathroom vanities

There are three main styles of bathroom vanity units that you can find:

  • Cabinet vanities

Cabinet vanities are the traditional bathroom vanity that is mounted on the floor and positioned along the wall. In most cases, a mirror is installed on the wall above the sink.

  • Shelf vanities

This is the simplest type of bathroom vanity. It’s basically a shelf that mounts your sink and mirror. This is most commonly used for small bathrooms as it fits the space and makes your bathroom look bigger too.

  • Wall vanities

A wall vanity is obviously fixed on the wall, meaning it does not touch the floor. Because of this, they are also known as “hanging vanity”. If you choose this type of bathroom vanity, you should be aware that your wall might need some reinforcing to be able to handle it.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity sizes

A bathroom vanity unit comes in all sizes. Generally, the smallest ones are just wide enough to accommodate the sink while the biggest ones can take up your entire bathroom wall. As to what size you should choose, this will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity shapes

Most bathroom vanities come in rectangular shapes but you can still find quirky models that will definitely make your bathroom memorable. With the advancement of technology and production, you can find bathroom vanity units with curves, open shelving, and even have unique sinks. You can even have them custom made to accommodate your own artsy vision.

Remember, the bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom. It is just right that you take your time when you choose which one you get. Choose a bathroom vanity unit that is multifunctional and gives you enough storage space.

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