Five Kitchen Sink Accessories Every Home Owners Must Have

by Natasha Kennedy
Kitchen Sink Accessories

Like other things in the world, a kitchen sink is more useful and easier to use when they organize and has essential features. Organizing a kitchen sink is an important step, especially if you have a kitchen with a small space. Fortunately, there are a lot of accessories that homeowners can install to add more functionality to their kitchen sink with more space efficiency. Here are the best accessories to use to keep your stuff organized neatly. 

1. Soap dispenser

A soap dispenser is a no-brainer addition for any kitchen sink, especially if you’re sharing a kitchen with a lot of people. “Dirty soap” seems like a silly combination of words, but it happens, especially if you’re using bar soap. There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to get a soap dispenser installed. Whether it’s for convenience (knocking out the soap from the sink is annoying) or for the aesthetic effect, a liquid soap dispenser can answer to your dirty soap problems.

2. Over the counter food prep tools

Over-the-counter food preparation items are often overlooked until you find yourself needing one in a crucial cooking moment. Kitchen sink manufacturers like MENSARJOR offer their colanders, cutting boards, and drains to make things easier for the user. You can customize your kitchen sink with different food preparation items, depending on which activity is worth improving. For example, instead of a cutting board, you can store an easy access citrus squeezer or a baking rack instead. 

3. Rinsing tub

Washing dishes is sometimes a pain in the neck if you only have one big tub in your kitchen sink. What if you want to wash and rinse the utensils at the same time to save water and make things faster? A simple rinsing tub makes it possible. You can even use it for food preparation if you’re trying to wash tons of veggies all at once. Rinsing tubs with holes underneath are available for people who like painless draining after washing. 

4. Drying rack

If you want to avoid getting the drying towel and going to an extended work of drying your dishes, one item you must add in your sink is a drying rack. Over-the-sink dying racks are very popular because they utilize horizontal space in the room. You will want a sturdier and bigger drying rack if you have more kitchen items. Just make sure that you will install the racks high enough to avoid water splashes when using the faucet. 

5. Faucet extender/saddle sink caddy

Faucet extender is a great addition if you have kids at home. These are relatively cheap and easy to install. It is also intuitive to use for children. For people who are having a problem with their sponge placements, installing a saddle sink caddy is a must. A saddle sink caddy is installed in the faucet, making sponges easier to store without them getting dirty. 

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